With our meetings and most social events now cancelled until August at least and the Covid-19 shutdown preventing normal social interactions, Lentune Probus Club members are increasingly using telephone and social media to stay in touch with friends and family. 

With effect from today, the Club is launching a news service on this website, to help members stay in contact with other members and to provide opportunities to discuss what is happening in the world. 

Today, on the website, you will find:

In Breaking News

An article by Dave Foot, about the Village of Bashley, where he lives.

A further article about Norley Wood is in preparation by Ray Mayes.

How about contributing one about your town or village?

In Members News (in the secure Members Area)

An account of how Peter Hughes has been coping with isolation, by transforming his garden. 

An invitation from David Burden to discuss how life in the UK could change in the aftermath of Covid-19. Please read the article and send your views to David.

A report by Club officers on the status of Club activities in April. Similar reports will be published each month from hereon, on the date of each cancelled monthly meeting.

Why not write an article about your hobby or interest, or about an issue that concerns you?

Being unable to meet does not prevent us communicating. Let's do it.