Public Health England issued guidance yesterday on social distancing and protecting older people and vulnerable adults, in response to the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

The guidelines advise that people age 70 and over and those under 70 with underlying health conditions: “Should be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures”.

Social distancing measures affecting Club activities involve avoiding: “Large gatherings and gatherings in small public spaces such as pubs, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, bars and clubs”.  

The advice: “Is likely to be in place for some weeks”

It is with regret therefore that we announce that the Lentune Probus Club monthly meetings in April, May, June and July are cancelled. Lentune Probus Ladies Club meetings during this period are also cancelled.

Club visits to the RNLI and the New Forest Fruit Company are cancelled, together with the Spring Luncheon at the Elderflower Restaurant and the Wine Tasting at South Lawn.  

Announcements regarding the Club Holiday in Kent and the Afternoon Tea at South Lawn will be made in due course.  

The Summer Luncheon at the Lord Bute on 14th August will go ahead as planned, to give members something to look forward to.

Arrangements for the remainder of 2020 are unaffected, but will be reviewed mid-year in the light of coronavirus developments.

Watch this space for further announcements.