Lentune Probus Club Annual Dinner 

The Club held yet another successful and enjoyable Annual Dinner at the South Lawn Hotel on Friday 11 November.

Members enjoyed an evening of good food and joyful social exchange. After Dinner, Members were regailed with mesmerising entertainment by award-winning Magician and Comedian Roy Charles. It was difficult to keep up with fast moving action. One lady was hugely relieved to recover her diamond engagement ring having foolishly donated it to Roy for the purposes of magical chicanery. Those members with enough stamina and lasting power ended the evening with dancing to the music of the 1920's - 1980's with Retro Rita.  


Lentune Probus Men 

At our regular monthly meeting on 14th November, we welcomed one new member who introduced himself during the short business session.

Upon his return to the club, speaker Bill Coombes this month gave us a Talk on "How to make Gin" . Bill was last with us in January 2020. Bill this month gave us a comprehensive and in-depth look at the history and production of Gin. The highlight for our Chairman proved to be a sampling, on behalf of the club members.   

The talk was followed as usual with Lunch.


Lentune Ladies Club

Lentune Ladies met on 2nd November. 

Simon Hensley gave a very interesting talk about his involvement with woodland management and how he encouraged people to get involved. Having left the Army he started work with Children with difficulties and soon realised how well they responded to learning about trees and wild life.

Since then he has been involved in a number of educational projects and is now responsible for the woodlands at Bashley Holiday park where he has developed woodland walks.He has also taken on an apprentice from Sparshot College who has now been nominated for Apprentice of the Year award.

A very entertaining talk that everyone was reluctant to end, after which the ladies enjoyed lunch together.