The Lentune Probus Club and Lentune Probus Ladies Club meet in the Cornwallis Suite at South Lawn Hotel, Milford on Sea.

Lentune Probus Club meets on the second Monday of each month except August, the Ladies on the first Wednesday of each month except August.

In both instances, members arrive from 10.00 am for a coffee and chat, which is followed by a talk on a wide variety of interesting topics. 

Our meetings conclude with a drink at the bar and an excellent, convivial two course lunch, selected from a menu that varies each month.

This is our full-year programme of meetings in 2020:

Lentune Probus Club

13th January
New Forest Bombing Range
Bill Coombes
10th February
So Far So Good
Malcolm Wells OBE
9th March
Spying: The Great Game
Kathy McNally
6th April
Part 4 - The Road Ahead
John Ellis
11th May
Canine Partners
Liz Downs
8th June
Tales of a Roving Reporter
Alan Jones
13th July
Marathon Des Sables
Mick Monaghan MBE
14th September
Namibia & Botswana Odyssey
Christopher Le Grand
12th October
Work of the RNLI
Steve Billet
9th November
Forensic Science
Roger Cooper
14th December
Across America in a Model T Ford
Peter Yeoman

Lentune Probus Ladies

8th January
Filming Lymington
Patrick Kempe
5th February
Social History of Bletchley Park
Valerie Young
4th March
St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery
Maria Ragan
1st April
Humanimal Trust (Noel Fitzpatrick)
Holly Turner
6th May
Naomi House Children's Hospice
Lucie Lewis
3rd June
Angora Goats & Mohair
Frances Mason
1st July
Tales from a Roving Reporter
Alan Jones
4th November
Ron Taylor