As Britain edges ever closer to a coronavirus  epidemic, Lentune Probus members, most of whom are in the high-risk over 70s age group, are probably wondering whether participation in Club activities will make them more likely to become a victim of the virus. 

The following notes explain what is being done by South Lawn Hotel and what individual members can do, to mitigate this risk.    


The owners, Tim and Nikki, have assessed the risks and taken the following actions: 

  • All hard surfaces in the Cornwallis Suite will be sanitised before each event. This includes tables and bar surfaces, window sills, door handles, chair backs and the audio-visual equipment.
  • All glasses and crockery are washed and then rinsed at a sanitising temperature of 75 degrees. The machine will be dosed with Milton fluid or a similar sanitising product, for the wash cycle. Any polishing will be carried out with a dedicated polishing cloth over steam.
  • Cutlery will be washed and dried in the same manner, with a further rinse and polish just prior to lay-up. The rinse solution used will have added Milton fluid and polishing will be carried out with laundered, dedicated cloths, changed regularly.
  • All cruets, condiments and serving instruments will be sanitised prior to service.
  • Sealed sugar sticks will be used in preference to sugar bowls with cubes. 
  • The toilets will receive an additional surface spray and wipe-over with sanitising solution, before each event.
  • Coins in the bar till at the start of each meeting, will have been sanitised. 
  • Once sanitised, the Cornwallis Suite will be locked-off to all members of staff, unless they wash their hands on entry.


The risk of contracting the coronavirus is currently low, with only163 cases reported in the UK as of 6th March, none in Hampshire. This number is expected to increase rapidly and will almost certainly include the New Forest. 

At present, we recommend that members observe the following simple measures at Club meetings, to keep each other safe:

  • If you don't feel well, please don't come.
  • Use the Cornwallis Suite entrance, not the hotel main entrance.
  • For the time being, don't shake hands with other members.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly, immediately after arriving.
  • Avoid paying for drinks with a handful of cash. Use a contactless card or the smallest possible denomination note.
  • Try to maintain one metre distance from other members, when in conversation with them.

The Club Committee will continue to monitor developments and will take further action, as necessary, to keep members safe.