The Probus Movement

The Probus movement originally started in 1965, when a member of Welwyn Garden City Rotary Club used to meet retired friends, with professional and business backgrounds, for coffee. This evolved into a successful luncheon club and the Rotary Movement then promoted the idea. 

Today there are around 1700 Probus Clubs in the UK and the movement is increasingly popular in other countries

Probus is not a fund-raising organisation, although clubs sometimes donate to charitable causes. And there is no central organising body: each club sets its own rules and elects its own officers to manage club activities. 

Further information about the Probus movement can be found here

Lentune Probus Club

Lentune Probus Club was formed in September 1978. The Club takes its name from an entry in the Domesday Book: “The Earl (Roger of Shrewsbury) holds one hide in Lentune and Fulcuin holds it for him”

The area referred to is now Lymington. 

Membership of the Club is restricted to 65 persons. In addition, Lentune Probus Ladies Club has a membership of around 45 wives, partners, widows and friends. 

Our members are drawn from a wide area. Just over half live in Lymington, others reside in the New Forest, Hythe, Milford on Sea, New Milton, Barton on Sea, Highcliffe and Christchurch.

Almost half of current members are former businessmen, with experience across a wide range of manufacturing and service sectors. Others enjoyed successful careers in the armed forces and the public sector. Many have professional qualifications in accounting, architecture, medicine, engineering and other fields.

Our members and their ladies are very active in retirement. Walking, gardening, sailing, golf and bowls are their most popular activities. Travel, music, motor sport and photography are also popular, as are art, playing bridge and cycling. Think of a hobby and, chances are, some of our members share your interest.