The club was treated to a magnificently theatrical and informative talk on General James Wolfe by local resident Philip St Lawrence. He described how Wolfe rose from a sickly nervous childhood, through service in Europe, to commanding the 12,500 strong British army that eventually defeated the French under the command of The Marquis de Montcalm at Quebec, resulting in Canada subsequently becoming part of the British Empire. Wolfe lost his life achieving this victory on the 13th of September 1759 having set out for Canada in February that year from Spithead.

The campagne involved remarkable hardship for both sides with the British troops not only facing the French enemy but also the danger of being scalped by the ferocious indigenous population. For their part it seems quite possible that some of the French commanders were, for rather personal reasons, not entirely supportive of their own side. Victory was eventually achieved partly by sheer courage and endeavour but also by the introduction of extraordinarily inventive diversionary tactics on the part of Wolfe several of which have subsequently been used by the British army with great effect into modern times.

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