Lentune Probus Men met on 13th June for their monthly meeting, when Michael Monaghan MBE and Martyn Webb MBE, both retired Royal Navy officers, together presented an interesting talk entitled “Marathon Des Sables”.

In their talk, Mick and Martyn described taking part one of the toughest foot races on earth: competing in the Marathon Des Sables, held every year in southern Morocco in the Sahara Dessert. The multi-day race event is over six days and covers 251km with the longest single stage of 91 km.  

Mick and Martyn raised funds for St Dunstans, a charity providing care and support for those who have served their country and subsequently suffered from blindness or severe visual impairment.

Lentune Ladies met for lunch on 1st June and enjoyed a most enthusiastic speaker from the Humanimal Trust explaining that many animal treatments could be used for humans and human treatments for animals. The Humanimal Trust have been trying to draw doctors and vets together to discuss how the sharing of information can benefit both branches of medicine. The speaker went on to say that one of their aims is to abandon all animal testing. The various topics generated some discussion with the members.

The main event in the club's June social calendar was the Club Holiday in Kent, the Garden of England. The trip went well with a very comfortable modern coach, along with full sunshine every day and good company. A full report will appear in the Members Area of the website