Dear Members,

The next monthly meeting of Lentune Probus Club will take place at South Lawn Hotel on Monday 13th May.

Our meeting agenda will be as follows:

  • Welcome 
  • New Member Introduction - Peter Cutmore
  • Minutes of Last Meeting (see Members Area of website)
  • Almoner’s Report 
  • Treasurer’s Report 
  • Recruitment Status 
  • Website Status 
  • Upcoming Social Events
  • Top Table 
  • Any Other Business 

Our speaker on this occasion will be Valerie Young and her subject “Malaysia and Travel in the East”. Further information about Valerie’s talk will be found on our website.

Members are requested to login to their club account no later than 10.00am on Saturday 11th May, indicate whether or not you will be attending and, if so, choose what you want for lunch.

Failure to register you are not attending the meeting by this time will usually incur a charge for a lunch not taken.   Members who do not choose their lunch in due time will be allocated the first main course and dessert shown on the menu.

Exceptionally on this occasion, we are requesting members to each contribute £20.00 towards the cost of our new website, which is expected to “go live” in May. The new site will play a major role in attracting future new members, improve communications with existing members and simplify much club administration. 

Please remember therefore to bring your cheque for £38.50 payable to Lentune Probus Club, (£25.00 if you are unable to stay for lunch), to cover the cost of both your lunch and the website.

I look forward to meeting you all on the 13th May.

Kind regards,

Bill Basham

Acting Secretary

Tel: 01590 671244