Lentune Ladies Probus

Lentune Ladies Probus met on 5 July 2023 and had a brilliant talk by Julia Killick. 

The talk was followed by lunch and a chance to chat with friends. There were three guests who were made very welcome.

Julia had joined HM  Prison Service in 1998 and retired in 2015. During that time, she became the Governor of Haslar Immigration Removal Centre and from 2010 Julia governed Holloway Prison.

The removal centre was shut down 6 or 7 years ago, but it is thought it will reopen.

Julia told us that there are various exceptions when considering removals such as mental health, physical health, slavery, trafficking, transexual, torture, over 70 and under 18. Wrongful detention claims have increased hugely and now cost in the region of £9 million. Translation costs are also huge, with 21 languages involved.

Julia said that forced removals can be very traumatic for all involved. Some people can eventually be bailed and tagged.

New legislation is coming in and is to be more restrictive. Students coming in can be issued with a 2 year visa which can be extended or swapped for work. There is a Shortage Occupation List, but there must be sponsor and earnings have to be above £25,000. This is relaxed for care workers, and the NHS and vets. Then their earnings must be less than 80% of the average salary for that role. Visas can cost between £4 and £1,200, plus an NHS surcharge of £625.

Julia said that migrants have many ways of legal entry, not only coming here in small boats.

There were questions about whether the migrants could be allowed to work in roles such as fruit pickers and care workers, how the prison ships would work, and whether families are spilt up.

Julia concluded by saying that Germany took the most migrants, but as we detain them, we are considered to have a fair system. Appeals against removal can go up to the High Court, with various charities funding them. Children are sometimes given up by their parents in a bid to give them a better life.

Julia had critical words about the whole system and was pessimistic about progress and improvement. Over the last few years only 21 people have been successfully processed and removed, out of many thousands, which has caused a total blockage of all the processing centres.

Overall, it was a thought-provoking talk, which will be long remembered.

Lentune Probus Club - Men

Lentune Probus Club meeting on 10 July -  Between Two Rivers

Our Speaker on 10 July was Aimee Durnell, a local artist and historian.

'Between Two Rivers' is the title of Aimee's third book about the local area, full of paintings and stories about the wildlife and history of the New Forest villages.

Aimee's talk explored the intriguing New Forest landscape between the Lymington and Beaulieu Rivers on a journey from the coast to Brockenhurst through greenwood and forest mires to historic Beaulieu and Buckler's Hard.  She uncovered hidden reaches of untouched rivers, the people and wildlife that make this their home. Aimee  provided many interesting snippets of interest in lively and jolly presentation with prolific illiustration of photos together with her own, slightly 'naive', style of artworks.

We travelled from Long Water Lawn through Roydon Woods, Bolderford bridge, and St Nichlas Church Brockenhurst and on to Hatchet Pond, Beaulieu Rails  with its 'encroached'  cottages and the source of the Beaulieu River. We finally came to  Buckler's Hard - the 18th century home of Master Builder Henry Adams.  

With no formal art training, her degree is in Biological Sciences. She is entirely self taught but her curiosity led her to find out more about the areas she has painted. She has had an extremely varied work life,  working in a marine lab, in conservation as a Forest Ranger, running events for 500 families with disabled children in central London, then as a Play Specialist at Naomi House children's hospice.  She set up her own business running musical workshops for young children for 18 years... and she is still doing weekly music sessions at the St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.  

A thoroughly enjoyable insight into our local New Forest .