Sunday 9th June 2024

Double H Nurseries 

195 Gore Rd, New Milton  BH25 5NG

At their nursery in the New Forest, the Stevensons have been growing flowering plants for 60 years. Starting out as little more than a few small glasshouses and a can-do attitude, Double H are now the UK's largest grower of Phalaenopsis orchids.

Established in 1961, Double H is a local family business and a market leader in indoor plants, supplying UK supermarkets, garden centres and online retailers and producing grown-to-order houseplants with a booming online business.

Our Lentune tour of the Nursery complex

We have a rare opportunity to be shown around the Nursery complex, which is an extensive site , to see inside the glass housesand the producyion of the Double H orchids. 

We have chosen to start at 10.45 am.   When people arrive they will be directed to the correct parking areas and the way in will be well signposted.  Please arrive on time beforehand in order to ensure we start our together.

The tour will take approximately one and a quarter hours. At the end of the tour there is a chance for people to get refreshments and also buy plants directly from Double H .

The majority of the tour is on flat floors, however there are a few steps and also a few trip hazards and slopes to navigate. We can't take any wheelchair users on the full tour, but there are bits they can see.


Please book your place on the website as usual. Guests are welcome. We are aiming for a party of 15-20 people but more can be accomodated as appropriate. Please book early.

For futher details contact Ray Mayes - Event Organiser  : 01590 626264 .

More about Double H 

Double H have invested heavily in the most modern plant production facilities in the UK, offering a complete service to customers, including garden centres, florists, and consumers. Their vision is to be the best in the world at growing, sourcing, and presenting ornamental plants for UK consumers. 

Inside the glasshouses, all Double H orchids are carefully nurtured to ensure they get exactly the right amount of heat, light, water, and nutrients. Once the orchids are grown to exacting standards, they are hand-picked, packaged with care and quality checked. Double H have a large packing team and several pack houses that can handle plants of any shape or size,  packing and dispatching plants every day of the week.

With their biomass boiler, which turns waste wood products into heat for our glasshouses, Double H are proud to be growing in a sustainable way.

Some History of Doubel H

Over half a century ago, founder Hugh Stevenson fell in love with flowers and promptly settled in New Milton and started planting houseplants to be hand reared and enjoyed by locals. Hugh’s son, Neil, got involved as soon as he was able, to be joined by Neil’s nephew, Andy. By 2020, Double H had long been pioneering orchids in the UK. But when the pandemic happened, everything changed. Faced with fields of composting orchids looking for love, Andy and Neil wondered whether there was a way to get those flowers straight into people’s homes. That’s how Love Orchids was born. 


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