Visit to Brooklands, the birthplace of British motorsport, aviation and the home of Concorde. An oppportunity to explore the collections of classic racing cars and vintage aircraft, go aboard Concorde and experience this award-winning aircraft.

An opportunity too to learn about the motorsport and aviation legends who shaped and changed the World.

Brooklands Museum is a large open-air museum with many period buildings and exhibits, some with stepped access. All exhibits are wheel chair accessible however and the Concorde Simulator is fully accessible via a ramp. Access to aircraft is stepped however. 

This visit is being organised in partnership with our friends at Brockenhurst Probus Club.

Leave from a pre-arranged pick-up point at 8.00am and back by 6.30pm. You will have three to four hours to explore the historic site, featuring interactive collections  of motor vehicles, aircraft and real life experiences and enjoy a snack..

There is a Sunbeam Cafe and an outdoor picnic area. Picnics may be ordered in advance. 

Overall trip price range £32 - £34 per person