Monday 11th July 2022

South Lawn Hotel, Lymington Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0RF

Our speaker today is Dr Colin Jolly. 

Dr Jolly graduated in Civil Engineering from Southampton University and his early industrial experience was on water-retaining structures and buildings, working mainly in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Hampshire and Oman. 

After his postgraduate research, he joined the Civil Engineering Department of Southampton University for 21 years, then lectured for 14 years at the Royal Military College of Science, part of Cranfield University. 

Having retired from academia, Colin returned to commercial practice before retiring completely in 2014. He is now working voluntarily with local charities.

Colin’s teaching included structural design, usually in conjunction with commercial organisations or public utilities. His research was primarily into the structural performance of large construction components, in a heavy structures laboratory, or of complete structures. He is happy to claim that nothing left his laboratory unbroken!

From his association with the Royal Engineers, he became involved with civilian explosive demolition, the subject of today's talk.