Monday 14th February 2022

South Lawn Hotel, Lymington Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0RF

Our speaker today is Bob Smith.

Fascinated from an early age by road steam traction engines, buses and commercial vehicles, Bob pursued a career as a commercial vehicle engineer, while in his spare time restoring or assisting with the restoration of numerous vehicles. He is the author of many articles about commercial vehicles and a popular speaker about his passion for them.  

Most recently, Bob has been writing a book about his early life, which is the subject of today's talk.

Barely three years old when the second Elizabethan era started, Bob's formative years started with rationing and ended with a baby boom. The parents of these toddlers were told “They’d never had it so good”, as exemplified by ‘free school milk’, the ‘contraceptive pill’, a TV in the front room and the fulfillment of Henry Ford’s dream for his Model T car: private motoring for the masses!

Bob's talk is about growing-up in this new world.